I’m a Producer/Engineer/Mixer based out of Sing Sing Recording Studios in Melbourne.

As a Producer my aim is to make the song the best it can be while staying true to the artists vision. This means I dont work to any preconceived ideas of what a song should be or sound like as long as in the end it can convey the emotion and idea that it was meant to.

My Engineering and Mixing inform how I Produce as well. I like to use the sonics to capture and change the feeling of a song, whether that be simply a different guitar sound or completely tweaking a drum kit or vocal and running it through a bunch of pedals or a boom box.

I’m a big music fan and love all kinds of music. As such I like to work with all kinds of different artists. Doing this means I’m always being pushed both musically and sonically which means I am always striving to make interesting and different records.

At Sing Sing, I’ve had the opportunity to work and learn from some of the top Artists, Engineers and Producers from both Australia and around the world such as John Congleton, The Avalanches and Franc Tetaz to name a few.