One of my favoutite things I worked on last year was Ceres cover of the Japanese Wallpaper track Arrival. The track still gives me shivers listening to it. The way Ceres reinterpreted the track brings all the sadness and joy of the lyrics right to the forefront of the song.

We tracked this in the SSL room at sing sing in one day. Because there are so many distinct sections of the song we decided to track all of toms guitars and vocals for the first 2 verses first before adding anything else. Then recording the band live for the last section of the song so that it really had the impact we were after.

Have a listen, its pretty good.


Palmerslum EP

I’m not very good at keeping this blog updated. But Palmerslum released their EP which I had the pleasure of recording and mixing. This record is awesome, the guys were so much fun to work with I and love the tracks on this EP.

We recorded it all down at Sing Sing South and then mixed it on the SSL. We recorded it all live with no click only overdubbing extra guitars and vocals, and it came out pretty good.

Have a listen.

Tiny Tiny EP

Toward the end of last year I was approached by Nick Coleman of Suckmusic to mix the upcoming EP by American/Australian duo Tiny Tiny.

The record was self produced by American singer songwriter Boone Williams and Australian Nick Coleman. What really stuck me was how amazing Boones voice is and how Nicks production really brings out the emotion in it. My aim in mixing it was to keep that relationship and really just bring out all the bits the made my hair stand on end, like when the falsetto comes in the chorus of ‘Curve of the Earth’, or just the whole of ‘Movies’.

I also wanted to make it sound really modern and dancey but also have a lot of harmonic richness with a smooth top and really warm bottom end, which I think managed to come across in the mixes.

I mixed the EP at my private studio and it was mastered in France. I’m super happy with how it turned out.

Have a listen:


A little while ago I was lucky enough to be asked to Mix and Master the debut record ‘bymyself’ for up and coming Melbourne Hip Hop artist NYUON.

I’m a big hip hop fan and Nyuon’s record is great, the production and vereses are fantastic. He is a seriously talented man. The record has been getting a lot of love all across the internet.

Give it a listen.


Midway through July I had the absolute pleasure of working on 4 tracks with Melbourne band Palmerslum. We tracked it all over 3 days down at Sing Sing South and mixed them on the SSL using almost all the channels and a whole bunch of tasty outboard. David Walker at Stepford Audio mastered them.

Stuart, Scott, and Chris nailed the recording. We recorded it all live in the same room with no click, then overdubbed some of the guitar tracks and vocals. We were going for a really natural sound, which recording it all live definitely helped achieve. Mixing on the SSL with all of its inherent harmonics and distortions meant we could get it all to glue together feel much deeper.

Doomer is the first taste off the EP. We really wanted this one to be heavy, with it sounding like its all about to collapse at the end.


iMixing now available

What is iMixing?
At a basic level mixing is about making all the different elements that make up a song work together in an interesting way. The right mix can really bring a song to life and make it jump out of the speakers and grab the listeners attention. However mixing cannot give a song something that it doesn’t have if the production or arrangement aren’t right. So be happy with your production before sending it to mixing.

How Will it Benefit You?
Having a professional mix of your song will allow it to have the balance, depth and width that it needs. In doing so it will tie up the relationships between the instruments and the arrangement allowing it to sound as good as it possibly can.

How to prepare your song for iMixing?
Please use the contact form to get in touch with me about what level of iMixing you would like and specific instructions about how to prepare you files and how to upload them to me.

With the files I do ask that you include detailed instructions and a reference mix of how you have been listening to the song in order for us to be working the same direction.

Does the iMix include revisions?
Yes, it does include revisions. I will send you several progress mp3s throughout the mix to make sure you are involved right through the process.

Can I attend?
Attending is an option.