The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (Chief Engineer)

The AvalanchesWildflower (Chief Engineer)

Ceres and Wil Wagner – Stretch Your Skin (Producer/Engineer/Mix)

Ceres – Drag It Down On You (Engineer/Mix)

JacobBaby I’m A Blockhead (Produce/Mix)

Clove – Sober (Producer/Engineer/Mix)

JacobShow Me Some Passion (Produce/Mix)

SpeakeasyLou Lou (Mix)

Empire ParkNobody’s Watching Me (Produce/Engineer/Mix/Master)

Self TalkAlmost Everything (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

BollardTrawlers (Co-Produce/Engineer/Mix/Master)

Joe SewerQuarter Life Crisis (Master)

DepartmentIf/Baking Naked (Master)

Swim SeasonCollide (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

ApesStranger Than Strangers (Engineer)

Empire ParkWeight (Produce/Engineer/Mix/Master)

Self TalkBedside Dictionary (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

British IndiaI Can Make You Love Me – Single (Engineer) Gold

ShortsSun Dogs (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Jack and The KidsYour Eyes (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

British IndiaI Thought We Knew Each Other (Engineer/Mix/Master)

Britney Spears/G-EazyMake Me (Engineer)

Self TalkOld Habits (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

ShortsZyka (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Run Rabbit RunBloodline EP (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

DYGLWaste Of Time/Sightless (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

The CanyonerosBrains Straight (Mix)

Colour DazedConduit (Produce/Engineer/Mix/Master)

British IndiaNothing Touches Me (Engineer/Mix) – Mix = This Is How It Feels

Self TalkSeeing What I Want To See (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Stonefield – As Above So Below (Engineer)

Jack And The KidsAlone (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

CeresI Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Here (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Slow TurismoSlow Turismo EP (Engineer/Mix)

Jack And The KidsReal Again (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

SansAdolescence EP (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Tiny TinyTiny Tiny EP (Mix)

StonefieldGolden Dream (Engineer)

British IndiaController (Engineer)

British IndiaWrong Direction (Engineer)

CeresCeres Is For Lovers (Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Dancing HealsYou Will Never Be Younger Than You Are Now (Engineer)

PalmerslumPalmerslum EP (Co Produce/Engineer/Mix)

Slow TurismoI Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up (Engineer/Mix)

X Factor Australia 2010-16Strings/Horns (Engineer)


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