iMixing FAQs

What is iMixing?
At a basic level mixing is about making all the different elements that make up a song work together in an interesting way. The right mix can really bring a song to life and make it jump out of the speakers and grab the listeners attention. However mixing cannot give a song something that it doesn’t have if the production or arrangement aren’t right. So be happy with your production before sending it to mixing.

How Will it Benefit You?
Having a professional mix of your song will allow it to have the balance, depth and width that it needs. In doing so it will tie up the relationships between the instruments and the arrangement allowing it to sound as good as it possibly can.

How to prepare your song for iMixing?
Please use the contact form to get in touch with me about what level of iMixing you would like and specific instructions about how to prepare you files and how to upload them to me.

With the files I do ask that you include detailed instructions and a reference mix of how you have been listening to the song in order for us to be working the same direction.

Does the iMix include revisions?
Yes, it does include revisions. I will send you several progress mp3s throughout the mix to make sure you are involved right through the process.

Can I attend?
It is sometimes good to come for the last little tweaks, however I find its better to listen to mixes where you know and make informed decisions that way.